Nine Cast Promo, or: Fergie and Hudson are not in the same league

Thanks to Vance over at Tapeworthy for this.

Judi Dench, Penélope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren, Stacy Ferguson, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Guido himself, Daniel Day-Lewis in a promo shot for the upcoming film apatation of the Tony-winning musical Nine.

I had no idea Kate Hudson was in the cast. And Fergie seems out of place in the pic. But really, what a cast. I love Nicole Kidman and I'm glad to see her in anything really. Cruz looks beautiful and if her singing in Volver (not dubbed!) is any indication of what she is capable of, well then I look forward to seeing what she can do with this material.

I'm a big fan of Day-Lewis also. No telling what his musical talents are, but his workmanship and dedication always serve him well. And I doubt he will disappoint here.

The concept of Nine seems to work well for the film medium. With the announced plans for In the Heights and talks of a Spring Awakening film, I got thinking of other shows that would lend themselves nicely to the film medium.

The one that immediately pops into my head is Stephen Sondheim's and George Furth's Company. The 'concept' musical is already in a format that's just as innovative and compelling today as it was in 1972.

Sondheim's Assassins also would seem to lend itself well to a movie adaptation.

And of course, those talks of Follies had me creaming my pants.

Maybe I'm biased (i.e. I am), but Sondheim just seems to be a genius and ahead of his time. Not only do his shows work extremely well as their intended stage platforms, but because the material is so well crafted, it easily can transfer from one medium to another.

Here's to hoping.


Vance said...

Oh yah. that was a beautiful moment in Volver! I really should watch that movie again.

jessica darling. said...


Especially if Raul Esparza reprises his role.


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