A Tale of Two Cities to Close on Broadway, or: the worst of times... I'm just gonna let you fill in the lame header.

The producers of the new (apparently sucky) musical A Tale of Two Cities announced late November 4th that the tuner/make-shi(f)t Les Mis imitation will play its final performance November 16th.

The show began previews August 19th and officially opened September 18th. After only 33 previews and what will be 68 regular performances, the show's producers cite the current economic crisis as a factor in the decision to shutter.

Uh huh.

The show cost $16 million. It has not been selling extremely well. And it received scathing reviews from pretty much everyone (including fellow blogger Chris [and what the hell BroadwaySpace.com? Ugh, that site is getting crappier by the minute]).

Can the producers not admit that the show just blew ass?

The week of October 27 through November 2, the Hirschfeld was only filled to 44.5% of its potential capacity, earning $303,755 for the week.

Now the coveted Al Hirschfeld is available. Anyone have guesses on who will be the first to snag it?



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