Heidi Blickenstaff to Play Ursula, or: some happy news for [tos]sers

[title of show] gave me the opportunity to be able to feel connected to its creators and cast by way of its innovative book, creation process, and truly moving production. As a result, whenever I hear great news for anyone involved with the now-closed tuner, my heart skips a beat and I feel compelled to let more people know.

So my congratulations to Heidi Blickenstaff for nabbing the juicy role of Ursula (replacing Sherie Rene Scott) in the Broadway production of The Little Mermaid. As is well known and referenced in [title of show], Blickenstaff was part of the original cast of the Disney musical which lead to some minor complications in the Broadway bow of [tos]. Now with [tos] closed (for now - more on that in a bit!), she is given the opportunity to return as a major principle character in Mermaid. She begins performances January 27, 2009 and is currently scheduled through April 5.

Just goes to show how a little bit of success can alter your future for the better.

And for further [title of show] talk, look over to Chris' latest post and his profile of Hunter Bell and his goals for the Spring of 2009 and a return of [title of show] to the Great White Way.

Today, my heart smiles with joy. I am elated. Tell 9 people!!



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