Hair to Play the Al Hirschfeld, or: damn that was fast

And the answer to my question in my previous post: Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical.

In just little over an hour since I asked the question who will take over the Al Hirshfeld Theatre post A Tale of Two Cities, provided the answer.

The acclaimed production, directed by Diane Paulus, will begin previews at the Hirschfeld February 13, 2009. Opening night is scheduled for March 5. No casting has been announced.

Hopefully most of the cast from the Public Theater's revival will still be available for the Broadway run, especially Jonathan Groff and Will Swenson.

The Broadway production will be produced by The Public Theater and Elizabeth Ireland McCann.

In a statement McCann said, "I had been asking myself, 'Why Hair? Why now?' And when you look at how audiences at the Delacorte jumped from their seats to sing and dance with the cast at the end of the show, you realize that Hair's joy and unbridled hope for a better world is in step with where we are today. Those sentiments certainly echoed like a sonic boom when America went to the polls yesterday and elected Barack Obama."


SarahB said...

I still don't see what the musical has to do with hope or even a sign of the times.

Joseph Gomez said...

I agree with you, actually. I don't think the musical itself is about hope or a sign of the current times, but I believe when you see a good production of it (i.e. the Public Theater's at the Delacorte), the feelings and emotions aroused lead to a sort of emotional high which causes people to feel good about their current state of being. [pot will do the same thing :-)] In a well staged production, the material transcends its non-existent book and takes its audience on a trippy, emotional ride that makes your endorphins reproduce at a rapid rate. At least that's what Paulus' production did for me.

Scott said... your comment, Joseph. Love the template as well, but haven't yet gotten a fix for that issue. Feel free to shoot me an email to keep in touch as well:


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