August: Osage County Film a Reality, or: The Weinstein Co. is at it again

It's nice to see many theater-related film projects coming through.

My previously posted story of In the Heights green-light has had me giddy all weekend long.

Possible prospects of Spring Awakening and Follies are giving me wet dreams.

The recent Nine cast promo pic is intriguing (if only for Fergie's tramp-ish look).

The film adaptation of Doubt is getting great buzz and will debut in limited release here in the US on December 12, 2008. If you haven't already seen it, here's the great looking trailer for the movie. I heart Amy Adams. :-)

And now, it looks like August: Osage County has acquired some big moneys in the form of the Weinstein Co. The film is scheduled for release in 2011 (ugh - so far away) and Tracy Letts himself will be penning the screenplay for his awar-winning opus (the Broadway show is one of the best theatrical productions I have ever seen in my life).

Many have already talked of their dream casting: Meryl Streep, Hellen Mirren, Laura Linney, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst being the ones mentioned mostly. I think the most inspired choice for the role if Ivey so far has been Michelle WIlliams. Just look at her Oscar-nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain if you have any doubt.

But for my money, the ultimate choice for Violet would be the goddess Angela Lansbury. Yes, she is much older than the 65 years that the Weston matriarch is supposed to be, but think of the wonders this glorious actress could do with such a meaty role. Lansbury has laready proven to be a stirring actress in roles that are not quite-so-lovely (Lovetts, Rose, Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate - a role that should have won her the Oscar). Plus, Lansbury has never won an Oscar (-twat?!?) and in an interview with Turner Classic Movies, she has mentioned how much it would mean to her to win one.

***trying to find the interview. Apparently it's not on YouTube anymore. Grr...***

UPDATE*** Not able to find the Turner Classic Movie interview with Robert Osbourne anymore. But here is part 5 of a 7 part interview where she discusses her return to Broadway in Mame. SarahB take note :-) 10:53 is when she starts talking about it if you want to skip the rest of the interview. I highly suggest you take in all seven parts when you get a chance. Definitely worth it. You can find them here.***

And for God's sake, the woman effing deserves it!!


SarahB said...

Of course I know these interviews - a must for any fan of Angela or of classic movies or Broadway, in my no so humble opinion. I've thought more than once that Angela could take on Violet. For Pet's sake, Estelle is doing it on Broadway and she's over 80. And Angela has the experience of playing evil bitchy mothers on many an occasion.


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