A Man for All Seasons Opening Night, or: Frankie is at it again

Tonight the curtain rises on the very first revival of Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons after starting previews September 12th.

The new Roundabout Theatre Company production at the American Airlines Theatre stars Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon, Fortune's Fool, Seascape, Dracula) as Sir Thomas More, the anti-Protestant Lord Chancellor of England during the time when King Henry — desperate for a male heir — sought to extricate himself from Queen Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn. The action of the two-act play is 1529-1535.

According to Roundabout, A Man for All Seasons "is a timeless exploration of politics, religion and power. Robert Bolt's classic drama is based on the fascinating true story of English Chancellor Sir Thomas More and his moral objection to King Henry VIII's plan to leave the Catholic Church."

The production will run through December 7th.

Frank Langella seems to be a busy man, what with this revival and his upcoming film version of Frost/Nixon. I hope he has a great end of the year.



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