[title of show] closes, or: the night Heidi signed a Playbill "the Jonas Bros. suck ass."

So [title of show] is now over. At 8:30 my time I shed a little tear for Hunter, Jeffy, Susan , and my favorite Nationwide Insurance girl, Heidi. But even though I am incredibly sad, I am extremely happy for the cast and crew. Extremely proud. And I can't wait for the amateur rights to become available.

Here are some overdue pics from my trip to NYC this Summer and my journey to the stage door after a wonderful Monday night performance of [title of show].

This night the Jonas Brothers were right down the street along with a bunch of screaming tweens. Hundreds of them. Screaming. And here were the [tossers]; at most 15 of us, asking the cast to sign our Playbills: "The Jonas Bros. suck ass!"

And Heidi, being the badass she is, did. And she asked for it not to be posted on MySpace. And I promise you Heidi, I will not post that you wrote "the Jonas Bros. suck ass, love Heidi" on a Playbill on MySpace.


Esther said...

Awww, that's nice. You're so lucky that you had a chance to see this. I've been listening to the off-Broadway recording and Hunter and Jeff are so sweet and funny and eager. This is one I think I would have liked.

Katie Ganem said...

Man, I wish I could of seen it. That's awesome about the playbill though. They all seemed like amazing people, just from the recording.


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