Things I've Learned to Love About Obama

"Despite the emergence of the Brown-Lippa-LaChiusa triptych and younger, DIY voices like Lopez/Marx and Joe Iconis and in the post-Larson era, no one writing today even approaches the emotional depth, harmonic complexity and the spiritual clarity evident in the work of the still-living legend Stephen Sondheim. Maybe Adam Guettel, but he supports drilling."

Barack Obama on the late-period musical theatre.

Thanks to Alicia for this tidbit.


Alicia said...

Thanks for the shout out! Even though some researcher probably fed most of those names to Obama, the fact that he is discussing musical theatre at all is a ray of hope for me! :)

Joseph Gomez said...

I would like to think that Obama has good taste in musicals. He probably doesn't, but the fact that he let this be publicized makes me happy. Hope for the future!! :-)


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