Back and Reinvigorated

So I've totally been outty. And I miss this whole blog thing. And the people. Nothing motivates me more than some praise. And someone left a comment saying they loved to read my blog. Thanks Joie!

Now time for some bullet posting!!!
  • New York city trip!!!! WOOT WOOT!! I can't wait. I'll be in NYC Aug. 11-15 and I am planning on taking in as much theatre as possible. Thanks to SarahB for being my unofficial guide to non-boredomness. Shows I'm seeing? [title of show], Gypsy, Hair, In the Heights, August: Osage County, and probably Spring Awakening.
  • I'm really gonna try and get to Don't Tell Mama for Seth Rudetsky's Chatterbox. That would be so radish. Him and Kristin Chenoweth are the only people in the world guaranteed to make me laugh out loud.
  • [tos] stage door. Yeah. I'm gonna try it. Crazy.
  • Gypsy stage door. Yeah. I'm gonna try it. Craaaaaaazy.
  • I hope Jonathan Groff pulls me onstage to dance with him. Even if he doesn't, I'll make sure to bump wenises with him.
I'm not gonna lie - it feels great to be back. I'm gonna blog everything while I'm in NYC so that I can share my experience with you all. Pictures posts!! YAY!! I'm gonna be there with 3 of my best friends of all time - Adrianna, Olivia, and Michael. What a blessing. And I'm making sure that I'm gonna be really intoxicated a bit of the time while I'm there.

A few other things: totally on a break from my own shows. I've done 5 since the beginning of the year and have been extremely proud of the work I've done. I've accomplished a lot and have grown so much and have realized a lot personally. I deserve a break. What does that mean for you?? More blog posts!!! YAY!! More Joseph for the world!!

Here I am world!!!! (How theater-queenish was that?!?)


Joie Mayfield said...

I'm sure you know this from my blog, but NYC is one of my favorite places in the world. I blog about and all my short stories seem to take place there. :) I'm happy for you! Enjoy your shows! I can't WAIT to read your blog from the road. :) Keep up the blogging, and thanks for the shout-out! ;)

Joie© (lol)

Esther said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere Joseph! I can't wait to hear all about your trip and see your pictures. I think you have an excellent lineup of shows. Have fun at the stage door. I love it. And in between shows, just enjoy the city!

Anonymous said...

Good choice for broadway shows for someone whose olny in the city for a few days. If you haven't bought tickets yet make sure to check out TKTS prices in advance with no waiting on line, worrying that your show won't be there, or getting bad seats.


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