Shout Out!

To SarahB over at Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment for providing the first external link to my blog! On the right sidebar I'm cozily placed between Jan at Broadway & Me and Lani Anderson's The Drama Girl.

I'm familiar with Broadway & Me; however, The Drama Girl was new to me. Turns out, Lani is from a small town in Texas - just like me! Very cool. And that's what I love about social blogging. You always find new and interesting people with the help of other fellow bloggers.

So thank you SarahB for thinking my blog is worthy enough for a link to your much more consistent site. Means a lot. And thank you, too, for helping me to find new theater going lovers!


SarahB said...

Hey Joseph! Guess what? I'm from Texas too! But now I'm in the big 'ole city. Welcome to blogdom - love what you're doing.

Joseph Gomez said...

Thanks for the kind comments, SarahB. I heart Texas and I can't wait to live in New York in less than a year. I hope I'll be able to update on a more consistent basis and provide meatier articles and clean up my design a bit. But thanks, again for the encouragement!


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