ok, ok... hi. my name is joseph. and i'm a smart ass.

The only reason I'm posting this (other than for my own entertainment) is because I feel my blog still has a lot to grow into. It's pretty darn new. And besides my general layout and my title, there's very little I like design wise. My subtitle is lame-icious, unoriginal, and forced. My 'about me' section uses 'much appreciative' in a completely wrong way for the English language (let alone grammatically). My sidebar is cluttered and sometimes just acts really weird. In some internet browsers my header doubles up on itself and creates an awkward tiering effect that wouldn't look out of place in a 7-layer bean dip or a creative, overpriced shot of alcohol.

All these things I'm well aware of. And quite frankly, they bug the crap outta me. But I have a life. And I'll get to them when I can. But while I have attracted a few theatre-bloggers to my site, there is still very little content here to compete with them. Well, I'm not here to compete. I'm here to share. Share my thoughts on theatre-related subjects. Yet I have not really given an apt description of my blog anywhere. Or my credentials (or lack thereof). Or anything that would offer at least a glimpse into what i have to offer that is unique and substantial to the world of theatre blogdom. So here you go bloggers:

I'm not a professional writer. As a matter of fact, I'm not a professional anything. I act (unprofessionally). I sing (unprofessionally). I blog (unprofessionally). But I do have opinions. And I like to share them with other people who like to read them. Hopefully I present them in an entertaining or informative or creative or unique voice. I'd like to think I'm hit and miss. But I crack myself up and philosophically speaking, isn't that what blogging is all about? Self-indulgence? Giving prolific viewership to un-prolific thoughts/events/opinions? Maybe, maybe not.

I write when I am given motiviation to write. And nothing motivates me more sometimes than a bit of self-defense. anonymous left a comment on my previous post stating that I should consider using spell-check or a proofreader more often. I wasn't offended. But I feel as if though this mysterious anonymous wasn't a regular reader of mine. Even if they are, I feel like they weren't. All other comments that I have had are of the "i agree/disagree" or "thanks for the mention" variety. And I heart them. They are what they are. But this one was different. And made me want to write. Soooooo... I wrote. A reply-comment. And I decided to post it here. Maybe it would offer a little more insight into the kind of person I am to my readers. And maybe it would give a little more voice to a blogger who hasn't been around as much as others have. I enjoy reading SarahB, and Steve, and Esther, and the dude who's (whose?) name escapes me at the moment over at Modern Fabulousity. Just to name a few. And I do so becasue I feel each one offers a unique take on what we all love. I hope to do the same.

Whatever it does or doesn't say about me and my character is up for debate. But now that I've been building up to it over a ridiculous amount of web-time, I might as well not live up to your anticipated expectations now than later. Kinda like Borat. Oh, hype.
Anonymous said at 8:25 AM...
You might want to consider using your spell-check or a proofreader. As a professional, it is not good form to publish articles with misspelled words.

Joseph Gomez said at 1:25 PM...

if this sounds vindictive or battle-ish, please forgive me. not my intention. i do use spell-check, and i proofread, but sometimes i'm just posting and don't even notice the mistakes until after the post. i use an unnecessary amount of exclamation points, the word 'uber' so much so that it really loses its effectiveness, and I add '-ish' and '-ness' to the end of exaggerated adjectives to make them a new noun. i like to think of it as my 'author's voice.' or something like that. really, honestly, i'm no professional, nor do i claim to be one. i'm a blogger from podunk texas who just happens to like theater. maybe it's quirkiness that i can use as an excuse for my sloppiness. whatever the case may be, i do agree that misspelled words are the most annoying things to find in a blog post (besides inside jokes that nobody gets [oh, i'm guilty of that too]). i do make an effort to re-read my own posts and edit details as i see fit. but quite frankly, i just don't give a damn enough. if i were to make this blog-thing into a lucrative career, then i might consider having a proofreader and double spell-check everything. but for now, i'm too self-absorbed with entertaining myself to put too much time into this bloggy-thing. but once again, thank you for your comment. it gave me motivation to write. so much so, that i think i'm gonna post this.

it made me laugh.

Comments? Thoughts? No. Ok. :-)



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