New Braunfels Theatre Company presents Hello, Dolly!

Tonight is my opening night in my hometown of New Braunfels, TX as Cornelius Hackl in Hello, Dolly! The show had its official opening weekend lask week, but becuase of many contributing factors, my understudy filled in for me while I finished my stint in San Antonio in Side Show at the Sheldon Vexler Theatre.

I'm incredibly sad that I missed opening weekend. The show, from reports, seemed to really come together despite last minute hiccups. So I'm happy for them. The cast is such a blast (hee hee, that rhymes) to work with and they deserve to have a great show. New Braunfels Theatre Company had tons of support to produce the show from volunteers and donators. And it's perhaps one of the largest shows to be produced in the area (last year's Jekyll and Hyde with Cal Collins Productions was another large scale show).

Another reason why I'm sad (which I blogged about earlier) is that the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung featured its premiere theater review for the newspaper over Hello, Dolly! But the critic went to see the show opening weekend and missed my performance. The review is in the paper today and as soon as I get a copy or it's available online, I'll post a capsule.

But moving on, I feel pretty good about my opening night. I think I play the part well and have great chemistry with Raquel Hindman (Irene Molloy) and Cody Jordan (Barnaby Tucker). And my best friend Adrianna is a hoot as Minnie Fay. Yesenia McNett plays Dolly and is wondrous in the role. She has a great voice and is extremely funny.

To opening night! Curtain rises at 7:30pm!



Anonymous said...

You might want to consider using your spell-check or a proofreader. As a professional, it is not good form to publish articles with misspelled words.

SarahB said...

Joseph, break a leg! I didn't realize that you're in NB. I was in San Antonio for 5 years and Austin for 5 years. My cousin Susan owns Hip Clips in NB. She's a fabulous hair diva.

Joseph Gomez said...


if this sounds vindictive or battle-ish, please forgive me. not my intention. i do use spell-check, and i proofread, but sometimes i'm just posting and don't even notice the mistakes until after the post. i use an unnecessary amount of exclamation points, the word 'uber' so much so that it really loses its effectiveness, and I add '-ish' and '-ness' to the end of exaggerated adjectives to make them a new noun. i like to think of it as my 'author's voice.' or something like that. really, honestly, i'm no professional, nor do i claim to be one. i'm a blogger from podunk texas who just happens to like theater. maybe it's quirkiness that i can use as an excuse for my sloppiness. whatever the case may be, i do agree that misspelled words are the most annoying things to find in a blog post (besides inside jokes that nobody gets [oh, i'm guilty of that too]). i do make an effort to re-read my own posts and edit details as i see fit. but quite frankly, i just don't give a damn enough. if i were to make this blog-thing into a lucrative career, then i might consider having a proofreader and double spell-check everything. but for now, i'm too self-absorbed with entertaining myself to put too much time into this bloggy-thing. but once again, thank you for your comment. it gave me motivation to write. so much so, that i think i'm gonna post this.

it made me laugh.

Joseph Gomez said...


Geez what a small world! how coolage is that!?!? I'm in need of a haircut. And I love fabulous hair divas. Maybe I should stop by. And thanks for your readership. You rock, dude(ette).

SarahB said...

Tell Susan that her cousin SarahBeth sent you...and make sure she knows that you know that the only reason she was born was because I was born first! You'll not only get a fabulous haircut, but you'll meet the most fabulous diva in South Texas (since I don't live there anymore!).

Her place is on Seguin, just down from the Sonic:

650 S Seguin Ave Ste B
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: (830) 625-1495

Anonymous said...

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