"Ghostlight! Oooh... Spooky!"

Thanks to Man in Chair, I've been spending sometime at The Singing Stage.

What a great selection!! From the fun ones to announce outloud - El Show De Terror De Rocky (2001 Peruvian Cast) - to the WTFs - Spider Man: the Musical (Demo CD), this site offers links to download full albums of cast recordings you never even knew existed. It's all too much for a musical theater geek who lives in Texas. I peed my pants in pure delight after discovering this site. And I'm gonna admit it: I feel a little guilty that this is so easy. But don't get me wrong - I bought the new South Pacific recording yesterday at Borders (expect a review tomorrow). And I still have pre-ordered copies of most of this year's new stuff on the way pretty soon. So support the artists. Buy the albums. But use this site too. IT'S FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE. I HEART IT.

Oh, and it updates like a million times in a day. So check back frequently. Ooooh... Gypsy tracks!!



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