Did they just Taser Kelli O'Hara?? (cue abrupt and uncontrollable laughter)

So the 53rd Drama Desk Awards were announced last night. And while the cast of [title of show] accomplished their goal to keep the ceremony under 3 hours (it clocked in at just under 2 and a half), they failed to make the "Deskies" entertaining for more than half an hour.

I was hoping for more accolades for Adding Machine, however my wishes were not met. The top prize for Outstanding New Musical went to Passing Strange (increasing its Tony-win chances). And yes, you guessed it, August: Osage County won everything it should have. There is absolutely no doubt this play is going to win at the Tonys. None. I would bet my movie musical DVD collection on it.

I wish Sunday in the Park would win something. It really is beautiful.

And what was up with Mark Rylance's acceptance speech for Boeing-Boeing? While his delivery of a somewhat nefarious chest tattoo was cracking me up, and the build-up was increasing in suspense, the ultimate punchline left much to be desired. Thanks for the tease. But I remembered it. Which is more than can be said for anything any of the other winners said. (Although Douglas Carter Beane threw in some great lines, even if he over-stayed his welcome.)

The opening of the show was terrific; and I took it as a sign of things to come. Even the first presenter (Kelli O'Hara) and second presenter (Andrea Martin) kept things lively and hilariously riotous. The fact the the [title of show] gang had the balls to Taser the elegant Ms. O'Hara, while she babbled on about the virtues and importance of lyrics, in the first 30 minutes of the ceremony was enough to have me glued to my computer screen all night long. And just like in the opening number sung by Hunter, Jeffy, Susan, and Heidi proclaimed, I stayed there all night dreaming of what could be. Unfortunately, the rest of the telecast was a snore fest. And the hosts didn't "host" as much as I thought they would. I wanted more [title of show]!

My tip to the producers for next year: let the [title of show] gang host, present, and perform everything next year. The comic chemistry between them is enough to wet my pants for years.



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