Is that Vasoline in his hair?

Cubby Berstein: Bad smile, kid. Anyone else think this Cubby Bernstein kid is ugly? I'm not trying to be mean - I just happen to think that he is not the most attractive 13-year old kid out there, that is all. It doesn't help that I don't think he is very funny. In correspondence with my friend Walter, I mentioned Cubby was "lame and spectacularly unfunny." Via text message, I continued my rant as I proceeded to call Cubby a "prepubescent Conan O'Brien without the humor and bad(der) hair. Like Ellen."

Whatever. Maybe I'm jealous that this kid is getting more attention than I am. But it doesn't change the fact that he's ugly. And that his choice (Xanadu) for Best Musical this year is all wrong.


Cubby Bernstein said...


Let's hug it out. I'll be doing a bake sale next week in Schubert Alley. We'll talk.



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