Curtains Cast at San Pedro Playhouse

UPDATED 7/29 at 5:17pm
Thank you to my friends Jillian and Amy for this! (And by the way, congratulations to both of you!)

The San Pedro Playhouse has been shooting its proverbial casting wad the past couple of weeks with its 2009-2010 season audition announcements. With a high profile season coming up (Evita, A Christmas Carol [again], Beehive, Curtains, Boeing-Boeing, and The Music Man), San Antonio theater peeps have been anxious for any further announcements concerning casting.

I was given the cast list of Curtains a couple of weeks ago but hadn't posted anything on it. It was still early in the process and people were still needing to accept roles. Now that some time has passed, I've decided to go ahead and post what I believe to be the final casting of the Spring 2010 production of Kander and Ebb's backtage-murder-comedy musical.

The cast will include Ben Gamble as Lt. Frank Cioffi, Annela Keys as Jessica Crenshaw, Anna Gangai as Carmen Bernstein, Jillian Cox as Georgia Hendricks, Jason Mosher as Aaron Fox, Paige Blend as Niki Harris, Lizel Sandoval as Bambi Bernet, Chris Berry as Bobby Pepper, Byrd Bonner as Christopher Belling, Taylor Maddox as Johnny Harmon, Mark Hicks as Oscar Shapiro, and Greg Hinojosa as Sidney Bernstein. The ensemble will feature Chris Rodriguez, Petra Pearce, David Davila, Ashley Mitchell, Mike Duggan, Amy Sloan, Rita Duggan, Robby Vance, Shane Noel, Constanza Roeder, Kate Miller, Alyx Gonzalez, Kenny Patterson, Jim Frazier, Julianne Snyder, David Stautzenburger, Amy Dullnig, and Dave Watts.

Congratulations to all my close friends and past castmates Ben Gamble (The Pajama Game), Jillian Cox (Man of la Mancha), Jason Mosher (Man of la Mancha), Paige Blend (Side Show, The Pajama Game), Lizel Sandoval (PJ Game), Chris Berry (Xmas Carol, Frankenstein in Love, PJ Game), Byrd Bonner (Urinetown, Xmas Carol), Taylor Maddox (PJ Game), Mark Hicks (Urinetown, Vexed), Chris Rodriguez (Thouroughly Modern Millie, Sound of Music), Petra Pearce (Beauty and the Beast, High School Musical, Jekyll and Hyde, Bye Bye Birdie, Xmas Carol), David Davila (Millie, Hair), Ashley Mitchell (Xmas Carol, PJ Game), Amy Sloan (Rimers of Eldritch, la Mancha), Robby Vance (Sound of Music), Shane Noel (PJ Game), Kate Miller (PJ Game), Alyx Gonazalez (Xmas Carol, PJ Game), Jim Frazier (Xmas Carol), David Stautzenburger (B&B, Jekyll and Hyde, BBB), Amy Dullnig (Xmas Carol, PJ Game), and Dave Watts (Frankenstein in Love).

Judging from the cast list, it seems like it's gonna be a fantastic production and a fun cast! Curtains is scheduled to open March 26 (my birthday) and close April 25, 2010.


Anonymous said...

You say...murder-comedy musical. When the murder is solved, what does the killer get?? Some sort of trophy or a Pontiac convertible?

Anonymous said...

where are the shirts? why did you throw away many many friendships? i don't understand... if you needed it that bad, why didn't you just ask?

Joseph Gomez said...

i don't think this is the place to discuss this subject commenter number 2, but the shirts are in my old car which was towed back in January. tough beginning of the year for me. i thought everyone knew that though. guess not. friendships were not deliberately thrown away (and if any were thrown away, trust it had to do with people making assumptions). i don't know what i'm supposed to do when people assume the worst from me without consulting me. but it's understandable - i was MIA for a while (my inconsistent blog posts are evidence of that) and that didn't help the situation that i was unknowingly getting involved in. i had mentioned to multiple people what the problem was; i guess people chose to believe differently or just didn't listen.

those shirts are still (I'm assuming) with my old car somewhere in a junkyard in san antonio (which i was unable to raid for personal items). i do feel obligated to make that up to everyone, but i don't feel obligated to be considered a liar for something that i told the truth about on multiple occasions a long time ago.

assumptions were made and feelings were hurt. and that was on top of everything that was actually happening to me in the beginning of the year. so it's a little hard to see people who have a misguided and non-educated negative assumption about me.

it hurt very bad. still does. but as of this moment, 6 months later, i don't know what i can do right now that would make the situation less uncomfortable. the powers that be should know the situation cuz it was told to them. if they don't, i'm not sure how much they'd be willing to listen to now (despite that this has been about the 2nd time since January that I can recall someone trying to get in touch with me about it - and even now it's from an anonymous user and more of a thinly veiled public shot of humiliation and awkwardness than an honest inquiry).

if you would like to talk more with me about the situation, please email me. as of right now, i have no idea who you are, so this is a bit weird. but i would love nothing more than to solve the situation, as long as the reality of the situation is completely understood. please email me - whoever you are. josephanthonygomez(at)gmail(dot)com ps that email address has stayed the same for years. i received 1 email that tried to contact me in the past 6 months. and half of that time i was outta the cyberworld. hospitals are not fun places.

Joseph Gomez said...

and anonymous number 1... that's my favorite line from the show.

Joseph Gomez said...

"she was a bitch and under pitch and now she's dead"

that's funny

Laura said...

I found this to be a blog-within-a-blog due to the mysterious comment. Intrigue everywhere.

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