Go Green, Support a Revolution

So I was supposed to give you a Chess in Concert review and a [title of show] review, but I've been mesmerized lately with all the Iran protests. As a result, first review up by tomorrow morning will be of the film Persepolis.

With all the crazy-ass stuff going on in Iran, now would be a good time to re-watch Perseoplis, Marjane Satrapi's animated memories of growing up under the Shah and the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Or if you have yet to see this excellent movie, do yourself a favor and get a hold of a copy. Or the graphic novel on which it is based. Satrapi has reportedly denounced the election results as a fraud.

And since you can't stand side by side with the protesters, get yourself a green Twitter avatar to show your support here.


Laura said...


What would 'Tank Man' do?

Joseph Gomez said...

yeah the parallels are scary. and it looks like Neda is this story's tank man.

michael koh said...

great graphic novel... you should read lipstick jihad by azadeh moaveni - its a bit dry since it presents the story in a journalistic manner and is from the perspective of an iranian woman (like marjaine satrapi) except in novel form.

Joseph Gomez said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Michael. I'll definitely give it a read.


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